Paper cut Lanterns

I have been creating paperart for several years now, developing my own method to produce bespoke hand cut paper lanterns.


My paperart uses a single light source to create unique illuminated sculptures. These ornate paper lanterns consist of several hand cut sheets of card, folded over a bespoke frame, to create a layered effect that filters the light. These lamps are a mixture of original themes, revolving around mysterious forest landscapes and bizarre narrative scenes, as well as lamps referencing popular films. Each bespoke piece is hand crafted, using a mixture of preliminary designs cut from paper, then transferred to card, where it is assembled in stages.


Several lanterns have been featured at shows with Spoke Art in New York and Los Angeles. I also regularly create pieces for private commissions. For all enquiries, contact me via my email  –

My Wyrdewoods instagram account for all my papercut art is:

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